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I’m Coach Lisa :)
I am a Stay-at-home

#CEOMOMBIZ - Entrepreneurial Mom and Wife
I operate a hormonal health, mindset, fitness business in my home/gym
private practice studio and online coaching app.

I bring possibility and opportunity to those that need motivation and a change in lifestyle through better nutrition, fitness and healthy mindset.

I offer a 1:1 Intensive Boss Babe 12 Week Transformation Coaching Program, which coaches you through powerful body & mind training that will empower you to make BIG POSITIVE CHANGES within your daily nutrition, fitness and overall general health.




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Health, Mind & Body Transformation
Unlimited Coaching with Coach Lisa




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Work with me

Do you have dreams to do a body transformation or have athletic goals!
This program is my complete package of total transformation.
It includes voice coaching calls with me for optimal results.


Try my Coach Forman Coaching APP

If you are eager for effective results within a full body transformation,
then this program is for YOU!



Client Testimonials

My tummy is looking and feeling SO flat! My clothes are fitting so much better, including my pyjamas which makes for a more comfortable sleep! Thank you SO much for your help, your honesty and all of your amazing knowledge.
— Abby W

Lisa , This has been an amazing adventure. I can’t believe what I’ve accomplished. I haven’t been this weight in a year and half I’m so excited to keep this going. I found the right plan to get my body doing what it needs to do at 57 years old. I can finally get back to where I wanted to be knowing how to do it the right way. Bikini season is so close and I’m excited not insecure about heading down to the beach every weekend and enjoying myself. This will become my lifestyle and I will succeed!
— Patti S

#BossBabeTransformation “Many bumps in the road, many successes, many laughs, many challenges..
12 weeks ago I reached out to Coach Lisa again to help me get back on track. She very quickly took me under her wing setting me up with supplements, meal plans and workouts. She kept switching everything up bi weekly to keep me motivated. Coach Forman didnt only help me with this much of my weightloss journey but also helped me mentally. She coached me every day and encouraged me to do things out of my comfort zone. She started helping me find myself. She made me realize that it’s okay to walk my own path and not follow other people just to please them. It is only 3 months into the year and so much has changed already. If you ever feel stuck mentally and physically let Coach Forman help and guide you in the right direction!” .
— Heidi P. Ontario

Lisa’s meal plans and workout are easy to follow and give incredible results fast!! Anyone looking for a lifestyle change that works and one that lasts should message her! She helped me lose weight and get my body into better shape than I was in 20 years ago!!
— Lesley M, Sudbury

After falling off the track for a while and struggling to find balance in my life, I reached out to Lisa Forman and she guided me in changing my lifestyle in a way that was maintainable and realistic.

What I love about the program is that she made it easy to fit within my busy lifestyle and modified the plan each week depending on my needs. This allowed me to stay motivated and accountable and kept me from getting bored and falling off track.

Thank you so much Lisa, I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to continue with my progress!
I started my fitness transformation because i was a new mom and weighing in at 25 pounds heavier than I was pre-baby. I tried to eat healthy, exercise and lose the weight on my own but it was not coming off. I felt defeated and knew I needed help. Not only did I want to lose the weight, I wanted to be healthy for my family. 

I sought out Coach Forman for a few reasons. The first reason is evident, she is in great physical shape. The second and most important reason is her education and extensive knowledge in nutrition and fitness. Finally, the transformation posted of her clients was evidence that she was successful in helping people meet their fitness goals. 

I am currently down at my pre-baby weight and am incredibly happy with my results.
Lisa I can not thank you enough! You have forever changed my life! August 31st 2018 was a day that I will not forget for a long time the day I went to the hospital with what I thought was a bladder infection to find out I was having a diabetic attack and was put on pills for both diabetes and high blood pressure! I knew I need a lifestyle change but I am a busy mom of 4, a 19yr old, a 12yr old and twins who are 6, plus work full time! I met Lisa a few years back when she was doing a evening Zumba class at the arena in Harriston, from working out with her back then I knew she was who I needed to reach out to for help! After a few messages back in forth I took the plunge and filled out the assessment. A few days later the my meal plans arrived and it wasn’t what I expected at all I thought it was going to be boring old salads for breakfast lunch and supper it was not like that at all, the meals are all very flavourful and even my kids love too. Today I had a follow up with my Doctor and am supper proud to say they have changed my medication to a lower dose and my blood sugars have changed drastically! Even with Thanksgiving and a girls trip to Nashville I am proud to say I have dropped 15lbs since beginning my journey almost 2 months ago, I feel absolutely amazing not always tired and worn out like I use to! Lisa, I look forward to the next 3 months and seeing where my blood work is then. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing coach and always encouraging me to be a better me!

— Mary W., ONTARIO



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