Weight Management Program Costs

Initial Assessment to enroll:
45 minutes for $65+tax
In person 1:1 or online available

Based on the individual goal, you will add on
Weekly Weigh-In Check-up Appointment:
• 3 months
• 6 months
• 1 year
**Packages as priced weekly.**
*Weekly visits are required.*

Locations Available
• Private Weight Loss Studio
• Anytime Fitness, Listowel

Extra Services to Purchase

Protein Powders
Personal Training 1:1


Welcome to Forman Fitness & Nutrition, Weight Management Clinic and thank you for choosing us to help you with your Nutrition, Weight Loss and/or Health goals.

No matter your history, we are here to offer care and support to help you along your weight loss journey.

Weight Management Clinic

Forman Fitness & Nutrition Weight Management is an North Perth-based weight loss clinic specializing in the integration of proper nutrition, fitness and motivation in order to help others in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Coach Lisa Forman and her husband are devoted to eliminating weight concerns by improving, enhancing and maintaining the emotional and physical well-being of their clients.

Weight management is not just about a diet, but is about treating the whole person. Each of Forman F&N clients is unique and as such, receives personal attention. Regardless of age, lifestyle habits or medical conditions, Coach Lisa Forman and her team provide personalized care that places the focus on the individual.

Our Weight Loss Philosophy

Weight related health issues are becoming a national epidemic. Because of the individual and societal impact we have endeavored to develop a clinic that will help people work toward achieving a healthy weight, not only in the short term, but most importantly to achieve long term weight maintenance.

Losing weight is a difficult process for a lot of people. Reasons for the difficulty involve changing of lifetime habits or patterns of eating, learning to lose weight, and eat healthily even during adverse life events. Most people tend to overeat because of emotions, both good and bad. It is with this understanding that we provide one on one counseling to help overcome and change negative habits.

Weight loss is not just a simple matter of restricting calories, it involves a total lifestyle change focusing on regular exercise, portion control, and the ability to continually learn to change patterns of behavior that have lead to weight gain so that you can look towards a permanent loss of weight, and not engage in what is referred to as yo-yo dieting. We will work towards helping everyone develop healthy eating habits, begin an exercise program (or direct them to people or facilities with expertise in this area), and help motivate you to continue lifelong change.

We have a great interest in associated medical conditions related to weight, and will work with your family doctor, naturopath, to minimize risks related to any associated medical diseases.

How the Program Works

Start Eating Better Than Ever
With our Weight Management Clinic, no food is off limits. We want you to eat your favourite foods – only better healthier choices! Each meal/food is assigned a macro value based on calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. By spending your macros within your budget you will be encouraged towards healthier choices, which leads to results.

Every activity counts
Earn additional daily macros/calories with any activity. Walk to work, take the stairs, rake the leaves, or clean your house and track your activity towards your daily macro/calorie allowance.

Stay connected with your coach
It‘s hard to lose weight on your own. Stay motivated with weekly meetings in person or online. See pricing for program lengths and costs.

Weight Loss Transformation

Meet Chris Heath - Current Active Client


"In Sept 2016 I passed out in my home, as a result of this I discovered a few things one being that I was borderline diabetic. I had sever energy crashes through the day, mood swings and uncontrolled hunger. Through blood work I also found out that my cholesterol was high and B vitamins low. I was a metabolic mess. Through a friend I contacted Lisa for help. I needed to lose weight and gain my energy back. I weighed 267lbs at the time and wanted to go down to 225lbs. I reached out to Lisa and she asked for some pics. I was very apprehensive as I didn't like how I looked. I put my ego aside sent in pics. This all took place online and email. We never spoke on the phone. From those first pics Lisa sent me a personalized diet plan and I would keep sending weekly photo's. I would also update her on my weight and how I felt. What sold me that I was with the right coach is that her diet plan for me was on spot. I rarely had cravings, I never felt hungry, actually at times I thought I was eating to much to lose any weight. As we went along Lisa would send me updated meal and supplement plans which kept things interesting and never boring. The two most significant improvements I have experienced by working with Lisa is 1. I went from just a diet to a life style change. 2. I love the way I look now. I feel more confident in my life. Lisa understood my goals and how I wanted to achieve them, slow and steady. I wasn't looking for any quick fixes and Lisa worked with my comfort levels. She always answered my emails and listened to me whine on occasion. I am still achieving my weight loss goals. As life sometimes gets in the way I haven't quite achieved my 225lb goal mark but I am still slowly working in that direction as I said before this is a life style change and not just a diet. This year I am getting married as well as moving to a new home so when all this distractions are done I will be back working with Lisa again as I do have more transformation goals to achieve. I would never hesitate to send anyone to Lisa as I know they will be treated in the same great way I was treated., professionally, courteous, and respectively. Lisa always had great things to say and was always the best support specially when you aren't feeling it. I truly believe that without Lisa's support I wouldn't of been as successful as I was." Chris Heath, July 2017