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Hey Lisa, so I wanted to give you an update, I had my 6 month check up since being diagnosed type 2 diabetic and am ecstatic to tell you I am no longer considered diabetes my A1C, is completely back to normal levels and have been taken off all medications! Girl I can’t thank you enough for everything you done for me and my health, when starting back in September I weighed 235 at today’s appointment I am 202, my doctor is super impressed with how I have changed my lifestyle. I still have a ways to go
— Mary W

Thanks so much for everything you have done. I think I understand what I need to do for myself better now than before and accept some of things that might not change quite as quickly as I hope.
Your support and motivation has helped me tremendously.
— Patti S, Ontario
Hey Lisa!
I just wanted to reach out and say how happy I have been lately with my new lifestyle. I feel so much healthier and I am realizing how much my treadmill not only helps me physically but mentally too. My head feels so much clearer when I am done my workout. I actual look forward to it at the end of my day! This journey is truly life changing and I am so glad that I have you. I am also starting to really notice changes physically and my clothes are fitting me differently and that is so rewarding!!! I have 3 little boys watching me and making changes of their own like joining me for workouts and making healthier eating choices :) I feel like I am starting to become the person I was always meant to be and I look forward to continuing this journey.
Thank you for your knowledge. The strength I find in your groups is amazing and I realize I am not alone!
— Laura, Ontario

Thanks  for the voice recordings today ! I have had a hell of a few weeks and have kept the excercise up and done not to bad with eating considering. This week I see changes !! Will be tough this weekend as I am winter camping but will be outdoors lots doing things. Thanks again !!  I really needed the positive reminders today!!!
— Lori, Ontario

I started January with following Whole30, which is not a diet but a food plan you follow for 30 days, to find out what other food sensitivities I have since I was suffering from hives, welts and face swelling on a daily basis.
Whole30 is no dairy, no grains including quinoa, no sugar, no legumes including corn and peas, and no alcohol (plus some other restrictions).
I focused on increasing my water intake, getting more sleep and being prepared to follow this food plan plus a focus to reduce my stress level. Throughout my time so far coaching with Lisa she has helped so much, along with guidelines and recommendations for ATP Lab: Athletic-Therapeutic-Pharma Supplements like MindMag before bed, Omegas, Probiotics, and Vitamin D.
A lot of the transformation you can’t see - all around inches are however lost, the puffiness is down, I am not falling asleep in meetings, the hives are greatly reduced, my mood is better, I am sleeping better and have more energy
— Karen L, Ontario

The last three months working with Lisa have been both an eye opener and a test of strength. While I have always been an athletic person and loved the gym, the chaos of  life and shift work have put those things on the back burner. In November I decided that I needed a change, to work on me. And Lisa is exactly what I needed! Her meals plans, workouts and our regular chats have been so motivating and are clearly working! I have lost 8lbs, lots of inches, and gained muscle I haven’t seen in years. But most importantly I’ve regained my confidence and feel so much better. 
— Sarah B, Ontario

After falling off the track for a while and struggling to find balance in my life, I reached out to Lisa Forman and she guided me in changing my lifestyle in a way that was maintainable and realistic.

What I love about the program is that she made it easy to fit within my busy lifestyle and modified the plan each week depending on my needs. This allowed me to stay motivated and accountable and kept me from getting bored and falling off track.

Thank you so much Lisa, I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to continue with my progress!
— Heather B. Ontario

I started my fitness transformation because i was a new mom and weighing in at 25 pounds heavier than I was pre-baby. I tried to eat healthy, exercise and lose the weight on my own but it was not coming off. I felt defeated and knew I needed help. Not only did I want to lose the weight, I wanted to be healthy for my family.

I sought out Coach Forman for a few reasons. The first reason is evident, she is in great physical shape. The second and most important reason is her education and extensive knowledge in nutrition and fitness. Finally, the transformation posted of her clients was evidence that she was successful in helping people meet their fitness goals.

I am currently down at my pre-baby weight and am incredibly happy with my results.
— Lindsay, Waterloo, Ontario

I signed up with Coach Forman for a 12 week transformation plan. In 12 weeks i have been working with Lisa, I have lost over 10lbs and have gained muscle.
I have more energy and confidence and am in the best shape of my life even after having 4 babies.
— Renee, Ontario

I exercised 3 times a week and nothing was happening to the weight I wanted to lose.

I am so pleased with Coach Lisa. I never thought I would be able to accomplish this but i did in 12 weeks. I followed exactly what Lisa said and I exercised 3 times a week with her suggested weight training and cardio program. I feel stronger, healthier and more energetic.

I couldn’t be more happier with my results to date.
— Lesley, Ontario

A few years ago I decided it was time to get on track with my health and fitness. I had been successful at losing weight but over the last year I wasn’t seeing a lot of results. I had hit a plateau that I couldn’t jump.

At the beginning of August I reached out to Coach Lisa with the goal of kick starting some progress, and toning my body. I wanted to be strong and healthy.

The results I’ve witnessed have exceeded all of my expectations. My program has made prepping for the week easy and staying on track possible I’m starting to see my muscle and I could not be more excited.
— Jen, Ontario

There is no short cut, it takes time to build a better stronger version of yourself. After struggling with self confidence and body image for most of my life, I made a decision to make a change ad becoming better, healthier and stronger.

I worked with Coach Lisa for 12 weeks and although it hasn’t always been easy, I am finally seeing my hard work pay off. I still have a long way to go and a lot of personal battles to overcome but thank you to the amazing Coach Forman for all the guidance, support, training sessions and meal plans.

Working with you has been the best decision I ever made. Never give up on your self, make a change and set a goal, then fight like hell until you achieve it.
— Melissa, Ontario

So I started at 180.2 and went to 162.8
Total weight loss was 17.4lbs in 8 weeks.
My goal was 20 but I am still very happy and thank you for all your help
I am gonna keep going with your meal plan and exercise plan on my own for awhile to see if I can keep it going.
Thank you again for everything !
— Lisa M., ONTARIO