My Personal Transformation

April 2017 ~ May 2018 ~ October 2018


Past show

OPA & CPA Leagues

• 2nd Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, Quebec 2017
• 4th Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, New Brunswick 2016
• 9th Place Figure, Amateur World Championships, Quebec 2014
• 1st Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, Manitoba 2014
• 2nd Place Figure, Ontario Provincial Championships, Hamilton 2013
• 1st Place Figure, Ontario Regional Championships, Hamilton 2013
• 4th Place Figure, Ontario Regionals, Colburg 2012
• 3rd Place Figure, Ontario Regionals, Kitchener 2012


I’m a new mom & a retired Canadian National Figure Competitor

I am a certified personal fitness coach and health nutritionist with expert knowledge in Hormonal Health and Weight Loss.

I operate a hormonal health, mindset, fitness business in my home/gym
private practice studio and online coaching app.

I bring possibility and opportunity to those that need motivation and a change in lifestyle through better nutrition, fitness and healthy mindset.

I want to INSPIRE and CHANGE my clients!

I have over 10 years of coaching experience with both women and men within my own practice and have also competed in 8 bodybuilding shows Canada wide at a National and Amateur World Level.

In my past, I use to run my practice out of fitness facilities, however, I recently had my first baby in June 2018. I then created a home workout space and started home fitness and healthy meals in the comfort of my own home with my baby and I.
I have been transforming my body through post partum fitness and better hormonal and mindset health.

My goals and visions revolve around YOUR transformation.

I’m here to help in all areas of health, fitness and positive mindset.

~ Coach Lisa


Here are my personalized
health & fitness programs
that I offer,